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2021’s Top Paint Colors That You May Have Seen Everywhere

2021’s Top Paint Colors That You May Have Seen Everywhere

Your environment influences or stirs up your emotional state. With the ups and downs of our emotions this past year because of health and social challenges, we all inevitably want to bring calmness this year.

For 2021, color connoisseurs and design experts are predicting a comeback of the neutral and warm color palettes. It embraces beige, gray, and pale or subtle off-white hues.

That, being said, here are some of the color shades that will surely trend in 2021.

#1. Pale ocher is the neo-neutral tone of 2021.

Not too yellow – it’s what makes pale ocher cool enough to be gray and warm enough to be yellow. Also, it’s an all-purpose shade that creates balance to any color paired with it.

While it hasn’t gone mainstream yet, the tone always has its timeless effect in making any space more cheerful minus the intrusiveness. It creates that harmonizing vibe to any design material.

Concrete, stained wood, whitewash, name it. Pale ocher generates the calming effect required to get you through any isolation challenges, especially now.

#2. Neutrals that create THE mood.

Hey, it’s never good to shut down neutrals that have a moody vibe. Bella Mancini, a sought-after NY designer said that it may not have gone trending yet, but she finds personal gravitation on moody neutrals as well as her clients.

The living room, active spaces, and other spaces at home that have lots of activities may benefit more from moody neutrals that invite calm, incites energy, and makes the impression of a warm, much alive home for anyone.

#3. Never tone down the classic neutrals

Yes, it’s never right to tone them down. A-lister interior designer Juan Montoya fonds these timeless neutrals such as the Farrow & Ball’s Matchsticks and the chic greens like Sap Green or Verdigris Green. The tones hold that soothing effect without discounting class and elegance to any space.

#4. Bright colors and neutral tones surprisingly match.

More like a yin-yang effect, bright colors and neutrals complement each other despite the aggressively opposing saturations. Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training director, Leatrice Eiseman, has acknowledged the trend of using bright colors as an accent or paired with neutral colors.

She believes that it’s time to pair this tone with a splash of bright colors to boost the mood. She also added that these bright colors also create a beautiful accent to the already sedated hue.

#5. Soft and muted tones and its varying yet calming effect at some time of the day.

MintModa’s founder and creative director, Sharon Graubard, believes that more comfort and less perfection are what govern home design nowadays.

She added that, as many people have stayed home more often, homeowners have observed more often how light changes at each time of the day. It creates varying effects that can appear any paint tone soft or muted.

An example is Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color of the Year, which is blue that is slightly grayed out, can even appear soft and muted at some point of the day.

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