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2021’s Top Trending Kitchen Design You Should Take a Leaf On

2021’s Top Trending Kitchen Design You Should Take a Leaf On

As the kitchen is best decorated for its functionality, the aesthetics of this essential home space is also important. Regardless of its size, many would want to see a more appealing kitchen to enjoy their new-found cooking skills or sandwich creations. Many will surely recognize how the kitchen is laid out now that everyone pays more attention to details at home than outside.

That said, it’s time for you to revamp the look and feel of your kitchen. Here are some design tips you can follow to build that kitchen of your dreams.

#1. Choose aesthetically pleasing cookware.

It may not be pastel-colored cooking pots or pans but choose those that complement the design concept of your kitchen. It is also a great accent to your kitchen style and adds an aesthetic to the overall structure of your kitchen space.

#2. Use heavy-duty paint to set tones and accents on kitchen details.

Trust me, you need paint that doesn’t easily wear or tear. Given the smoke, humidity, and moisture, paint coats in cupboards, cabinets, or storage racks can deteriorate over time. When choosing paint for your kitchen color, choose those that are durable enough and resistant to damages.

#3. Maximize every storage space.

A messy kitchen reflects who you are regardless of whether you stayed home for long or not. One thing that messes the kitchen is how you store groceries, cutleries, and even your common plates, glasses, or cups. Always plan storage space and label them when needed.

#4. Choose restaurant-quality kitchen appliances.

It’s all about quality, durability, and resistance to damage after long periods of use. Also, it generates that nostalgic vibe missed during the periods of a lockdown or ease the burdens of isolation.

#5. Encourage space and minimalism with sleek finishes.

You will never want to have a cramped kitchen, let alone incur accidents brought by narrow kitchen spaces. Plus, the sleek finish adds an aesthetic appeal to it and has a timeless touch while keeping it trendy and eye-catching.

#6. Use smart faucets and plumbing.

It’s all about utility protection and encouraging lesser touching on any surfaces. Given that we are now encouraged to wash hands frequently, contactless smart faucets activated with motion sensors or voice activation will minimize the touch and reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

#7. Balance paint colors for cabinets, cupboards, and countertops.

If possible, start by acting out the theme of your kitchen space. Is it industrial? Is it homey or vintage? Choose colors based on how you envision the kitchen. If you’re undecided, create mood boards of kitchen styles, talk to local home depots, or consult online interior designers on color schemes for your desired kitchen style.

#8. Take advantage of backsplash tiles.

Backsplash tiles offer protection from fire, smoke, and grimes that can affect kitchen appeal. Choose backsplash tiles with a tighter grout space and layout the part where you want to install them. You’ll also want to mind the contrast between the tiles and the grouts.

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