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Dimmed Rooms? Here’s How You Can Brighten Them Up

Dimmed Rooms? Here’s How You Can Brighten Them Up

A common challenge when designing rooms is brightening up dark spaces. Although knocking down a wall to let sunlight in can help, it’s not a practical choice. While adding more light sources can help dark spaces glow, there are foolproof tricks that can brighten any space up.

#1. Take advantage of bright art pieces.

While dimmed rooms are cozier, vibrant artworks can elevate the mood and feel of any space. Bold paintings, such as abstract pieces, can even introduce a happy mood while reflecting more light to its surrounding area.

#2. Make use of sunlight paint tones.

Warm tones like yellow, orange, or red can make any space look and feel brighter. These paint tones can reflect more light and makes the room warmer, more vibrant, and less dim.

#3. Paint sky tones or frescoes on the ceiling.

The colors of the sky are known to uplift moods and brighten up spaces. It also creates an optical illusion that the room is exposed to skylight through painting atmospheric cool hues to it.

#4. Give high-gloss ceiling a try.

Gloss, like mirrors, reflects light from any source and can make any room brighter. Also, it creates a surprisingly neat and elegant appeal to the room.

#5. Take advantage of light wood flooring.

Light wood tones reflect more light than dark wood, which makes it a choice of flooring for dimmer, less illuminated spaces.

#6. A colorful rug can brighten up dull spaces.

Like bright art pieces, colorful rugs can also brighten up any space. It also adds vibrance, personality, and uplifts mood to dull areas.

#7. Add mirrors and avoid heavy curtains.

Knowing where to place mirrors well incites more light reflection that can illuminate even the most cramped spaces. Choose translucent curtains that can dim rooms without making the space dull or dark.

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