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Post-COVID Architecture: How Will Home Designs Adapt to the “New Normal”?

Post-COVID Architecture: How Will Home Designs Adapt to the “New Normal”?

The coronavirus disease, popularly known as COVID-19, has taken a toll on us. It has caused a pandemic that kept us stranded inside our homes. Furthermore, this pandemic isn’t a momentary lapse. It has changed the way we see the world, and it has affected how we see our homes.

We will see major changes in home architecture and design following the demands of the “new normal”. Here are some forecasts that expert home designers and architects see on how interior design and architecture will evolve after the pandemic.

#1. Everyone wants to dedicate spaces used for social gatherings and distinguish them from spaces used for some alone time.

Everyone would want spaces where they can spend family or friends time but also dedicate a portion of home space where they can work alone, study alone, or do their private tasks minus the distractions.

#2. Homes will soon become more multigenerational.

Every household would want more closeness with their kin, especially when traveling was impeded by COVID-19. They all just want to make use of their home a place where every family member, including the extended family, to gather safely.

#3. Work at home becomes a normal office environment.

Thus, houses will soon evolve to have their dedicated office spaces where they can continue doing their daily professional routines, store their work files, and remove familial distractions from work, which was the one offer that offices once offered to anyone.

#4. Improved typologies have to be invented by architects that will respond to diverse resident communities alongside their cultures and lifestyles.

They cover installing shared spaces, isolation within a house compound, and a bigger consideration of natural and artificial ventilation. All these are considered to imbue a better mood and increase mental well-being.

#5. One workroom is no longer enough.

Given the work-from-home setup for any couple, they will surely need their dedicated workspace. There will also be a need to add additional workrooms depending on how many persons are working at home in a household.

#6. Proper air ventilation, filtration, and viral removal from the air are becoming incredibly essential in any place.

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