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Preparing for a Dinner Party? Here are some inspirations that will tide you over.

Preparing for a Dinner Party? Here are some inspirations that will tide you over.

While the current situation has impeded any dinner parties, it doesn’t mean you can’t gather some inspiration on decorating your dining space. Regardless of size, a well-decorated dining room has its vibes that will invite guests to chat, eat well, and praise you and your home. Even a little intimate dinner time with family and friends will surely be reason enough for you to decorate your dining space or room for the occasion.

So, here are five dining room ideas to invigorate those creative designing juices.

#1. Modern art, an eye-catching chandelier, and a few chic throws and upholstery.

Adding modern art in contrast to white walls, an oval table with the wood tone of your liking, some chairs to match with an upholstered cushion, and a throw to match would make your dining room into an upstate oasis. Plus, adding a non-traditional chandelier, like those modern crisscross wood-and-stone hanging light fixtures would energize the space even more without consuming too much of it.

#2. White and gold trims plus some flowers accent your dining space.


It may sound like French Revolution, Neo-classical, or Bridgerton (the hit Netflix series), but the elegance of gold lining and trims to the whitewashed wooden wall panel is so lit. Plus, adding a pure white tablecloth, some flowers, candlesticks, and a traditional sconce chandelier to match makes your dining moments luxurious, energetic, and posh like you’re having everyday dinner with the Queen.

#3. Black and gold never goes out of style

Paired with some modern art in contrast to white walls, your dining space will imbue that modern look that exudes both elegance and egalitarian appeal. A semi-traditional ceiling light fixture would brighten it up while some ebony or obsidian-toned vases accents the gold tones of the tables.

#4. Green is the new gold. Your dining space deserves it too.

Jade-toned wallpapers, green marble accents, and some light gold trim to match can create that nature-inspired dining space, which surprisingly creates good energy around it for family or friend dinner parties. The concept is also a timeless dining room classic.

#5. Wall frescoes would add eclectic semi-traditional styles to your dining space.

Not a fan of hanging paintings? Paint the entire wall with a fresco of your choice. Especially if the wall is earth-toned, you may want to print some landscape paintings to it. The fresco also matches well with the warm-toned dining space.

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