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Top Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Surely Trend in 2021

Top Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Surely Trend in 2021

The bathroom is the most ideal space at home to begin that design refresh. Aside from the fact that it’s where we all do our self-care rituals, the tranquility from isolation is what makes the bathroom essential for peace of mind.

If you’re planning to give it a spa-like vibe, here are some 2021 trendsetters to inspire you in decorating your bathroom.

#1. Add some statement lighting to it.

Bathrooms gain better lighting and style with ceiling light fixtures that have intricate or posh appeal. Ceiling lights such as the Locust Thorn chandelier from or the two-tier Danes Chandelier from can set that vibe.

#2. Flowers and plants freshen up the bathroom.

Adding some ferns, palms, or vine plants to the bathroom not only freshens up the bathroom. It also absorbs that unwanted steam and balances its humidity. You can also add plant paintings, leaf decors, or flower frames inside to add accents to the bathroom walls.

#3. Use graphic (waterproof) wallpapers.

Wrapping the walls in classic prints create a character in the bathroom. Plus, it saves you more money than laying every bathroom with tiles. Just make sure they’re waterproof and moist proof.

#4. Add more windows or make the window pane much larger.

Bringing in more outdoor views to the bathroom makes it more calming and refreshing. Especially if you’re living in a more isolated part of the world with nature around you, it’s best to invite the view inside the bathroom for a calming and invigorating experience.

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