Art Deco History and Example

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Art Deco is an international style of architecture that is very unique. The Art Deco movement happened from the 1920s to 1939, between the two world wars. Art Deco became popular in many countries around the world. The short from, “Deco,”comes from the word “decoration.” It is easy to see where the name comes from when you look at the buildings.

Architects borrowed styles from ancient cultures. for example, they copied Egyptian, Greek and Roman art from hundreds and even thousands of years ago. They used simple shapes and added beautiful designs from these cultures. This began a new form of architecture that was very modern this time.

Los Angeles City Hall in Art Deco style. Los Angeles, California, USA

Architects often used man/made materials like plastic and steel in Art Deco buildings. They used shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and even zigzag lines that looked like lightning. Many Art Deco buildings have vertical signs or towers in front. They also used symbols like sunbursts, stars and wheels. These pictures made people think about better times. The architects also favored bold color that were not common in previous architectural styles. Before Art Deco, buildings and rooms were usually white or other light colors. In Art Deco, they contrasted light and dark colors, and they even contrasted stone and metal materials. It was much more exciting.


You can see examples of Art Deco architecture all over the United States, especially in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. This style is so interesting that architects started building Art Deco buildings again in the 60s and in the 80s. In Los Angeles you can visit Art Deco buildings such as The Wiltern, The El Rey Theater, The Eastern Colombia Building, and Bullocks Wilshire. Art Deco architecture is even on a ship, the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Art Deco is no longer modern, but it is still very popular as a style of architecture.

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