The “POW WOW” Design Ideas for a Home Workout Space

Home gyms propelled after the pandemic closed many fitness centers due to imposed physical and social distancing protocols. With the need to exercise regularly as part of physical wellness, there is a need for space at home to do it without distraction.
So, if you’re remodeling your basement, garage, or spare room into your very own home gym, here are some design tips you can copy or take a leaf on.
#1. Balance the mix of fitness machines (i.e. treadmill, dumbbell corners, etc.) and space.
If you have large spaces left after arranging the machines and storing the equipment, you can utilize it for …


Work-Life Balance by Creative Couples Through this Antique-decorated Apartment

Sarah Hilow’s business owners and real-life partner, Jürgen Hilow-Iwaszura and Mauro Guerini, is the epitome of how couples can celebrate work-life balance not only in work ethics but also in how they have designed their environment. Their two-bedroom apartment bears testimony on this celebration between life facets.
Both from Johannesburg, Guerini, and Hilow-Iwaszura have made sure everything about their life is balanced. Their dedication to work-life balance led them to their current apartment located in a c.1923 building in the southeastern portion of Milan.
When they moved into the apartment, they saw it in need of …


Top Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Surely Trend in 2021

The bathroom is the most ideal space at home to begin that design refresh. Aside from the fact that it’s where we all do our self-care rituals, the tranquility from isolation is what makes the bathroom essential for peace of mind.
If you’re planning to give it a spa-like vibe, here are some 2021 trendsetters to inspire you in decorating your bathroom.
#1. Add some statement lighting to it.
Bathrooms gain better lighting and style with ceiling light fixtures that have intricate or posh appeal. Ceiling lights such as the Locust Thorn chandelier from or the two-tier Danes Chandelier from …


Preparing for a Dinner Party? Here are some inspirations that will tide you over.

While the current situation has impeded any dinner parties, it doesn’t mean you can’t gather some inspiration on decorating your dining space. Regardless of size, a well-decorated dining room has its vibes that will invite guests to chat, eat well, and praise you and your home. Even a little intimate dinner time with family and friends will surely be reason enough for you to decorate your dining space or room for the occasion.
So, here are five dining room ideas to invigorate those creative designing juices.
#1. Modern art, an eye-catching chandelier, and a few chic throws and upholstery.


2021’s Top Paint Colors That You May Have Seen Everywhere

Your environment influences or stirs up your emotional state. With the ups and downs of our emotions this past year because of health and social challenges, we all inevitably want to bring calmness this year.
For 2021, color connoisseurs and design experts are predicting a comeback of the neutral and warm color palettes. It embraces beige, gray, and pale or subtle off-white hues.
That, being said, here are some of the color shades that will surely trend in 2021.
#1. Pale ocher is the neo-neutral tone of 2021.