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The Wall Property – Singapore By Farm Architects

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When two houses are harmoniously fused by way of layered green roofs, you know an architectural masterpiece has just been designed. The Wall House in Singapore by Farm Architects is such a spot, a contemporary dream residence embracing Chinese tradition. Read More

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Temple Hills Residence – Laguna Beach By Schola Architecture

Home Design kategorisine 27 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 1 defa okundu

Laguna Beach, California is nicely-identified for some of its spectacular modern architecture. The Temple Hills Residence is one of those enviable contemporary dream homes with a series of multiple volumes, such as a new addition and overall renovation by Schola Architecture. Read More

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Residence In Mechelen – Belgium By Areal Architecten

Home Design kategorisine 26 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

There are some modern dream properties which resonate with such enticing simplicity. Residence in Mechelen exemplifies this remarkably with two main things: light and organic elements–brick, timber, glass, steel and stone. Read More

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Brooklyn Duplex Renovation By Spacecutter

Home Design kategorisine 25 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

A dilapidated mid-1800s tenement has been fully restored and rejuvenated with modern style. This urban dream house resides in the vibrant, sought-after neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and was renovated by owner-architect Alex Gil of  Spacecutter for himself and his wife. Read More

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Penthouse Duplex At The Metropole By FORMA Design

Home Design kategorisine 24 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

The Penthouse Duplex at The Metropole in Washington, DC is an art-filled, contemporary dream residence which was innovatively renovated by FORMA Design and style.  Read More

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Balance Hill House – Los Angeles By Kirkpatrick Architects

Home Design kategorisine 23 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

Not only is the Balance Hill residence in Los Angeles a gorgeous spot, but its breathtaking views and architectural elements seem to deftly defy gravity. This edgy masterpiece by Kirkpatrick Architects is perched way above the city on prime of a hillside, supplying a captivating panorama from each angle–both inside and out–of this modern day dream home. Read More

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Eco-Luxe Prefab Mallorca Retreat By EcoDesignFinca

Home Design kategorisine 21 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

The Eco-Luxe Prefab Retreat on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca embodies over 4,300 square feet of refined, modern day architecture and unconventional passive style. Designed by EcoDesignFinca, this dream home sits on acre upon acre of green land in a rural setting. Read More

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Mid-Century Edward Fickett Property – Los Angeles By John Coolidge

Home Design kategorisine 20 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

The Mid-Century Edward Fickett House in Los Angeles was originally built in 1958 and recently renovated by owner John Coolidge, a renowned photographer and designer by trade. This is the second residence by this legendary architect which Coolidge has owned. As such, meticulous consideration to detail was provided to the mid-century contemporary interiors of this historic California dream house. Read More

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Santa Teresa Apartment – Toledo, Spain By Romero Vallejo Arquitectos

Home Design kategorisine 19 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

Exclusive tile style dictates the elegant vibe of this freshly renovated modern day dream apartment in Toledo, Spain. Completed by Romero Vallejo Arquitectos, the project’s major accomplishment was opening up the original 4-bedroom space to far better accommodate the couple residing there, even though introducing a prime material (ceramic tiles) which capture a conventional feel. Read More

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R House – Pabiance, Poland By Tamizo Architects Mateusz Stolarski

Home Design kategorisine 18 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

Another ultra-cool project by Polish firm Tamizo Architects Mateusz Stolarski is R House, a minimalist modern dream house situated in Pabiance, a central area of the country. Read More

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Hover Residence Three, Venice, California – Glen Irani Architects

Home Design kategorisine 17 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

Tucked into a small, narrow lot along the historic Venice Canal in Los Angeles, Hover Residence 3 epitomizes the eco-chic, modern day dream house. Made by Venice-based Glen Irani Architects, this two,500 square foot, vertically-oriented structure is actually one particular in a series of thoroughly sustainable abodes. Read More

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Green Cube House – Denver By Re.Dzine

Home Design kategorisine 16 August, 2013 tarihinde eklendi, 0 defa okundu

The Green Cube Property in Denver, Colorado is a shining example of what a LEED Platinum-designated developing should be. This single-household dwelling created by Re.Dzine is 1,900 square feet of sustainable, recycled, solar-efficient and low-power style in spot. Read More

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