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Modern Farmhouse In Dublin By ODOS Architects

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Positioned in Ballymahon, a rural town west of Dublin, Ireland, the Modern Farmhouse by ODOS Architects has received a remarkable renovation including a contemporary, 4,800 square foot addition housing the main living spaces. Read More

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Greenwich Street Penthouse – Downtown Manhattan By Rigg Design And Style

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It’s incredible when you come across a modern day dream property that is so breathtaking, you can see yourself moving proper in simply because it succinctly fits any wish you’ve ever had for an urban dwelling. Enter the Greenwich Street Penthouse, a sprawling duplex situated at the crossroads of the prime neighborhoods of SoHo and Nolita. Manhattan-based Rigg Style completed the project for this lower Manhattan property, which is now on the marketplace for a cool \$12.five. Read More

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D Home – Matanzas, Chile By Panorama With WMR Architects

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The D House is perched roughly 200 feet above the ocean in Matanzas, Chile. Made with a collaborative work by architects Panorama and WMR, this contemporary family members dream residence was built for a tiny family of 3 and is modest in size, although not in views of its ethereal seascape atmosphere. Read More

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Private House, Borgo Val Di Taro By Studio Lucio Serpagli Architects

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This stunning modern home designed by Studio Lucio Serpagli Architects . The new developing is by the side of the recent development of Borgo Val di Taro, in a big residential neighbourhood under urbanization. The settlement, integrated in the mountains of the Taro Valley, seems as a core inside a natural basin surrounded by the Appenine mountains. Read More

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Property In Chayagasaka – Nagoya, Japan By Tetsuo Kondo Architects

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Designing a tiny house can become a challenge to some architects, specifically when the residents’ requirements span a expanding family members of four. Tetsuo Kondo Architects not only took on this process, but delivered Residence in Chayagasaka, an amazing contemporary dream property of just below 964 square feet on a lot not considerably larger in size. Read More

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Parisian “Tree” Loft By Grégoire De Lafforest

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When I initial viewed this loft in Paris, I quickly felt a pang of happiness. A cleverly reinvented warehouse space by Grégoire De Lafforest, this 1,100 square foot contemporary dream property is a light-filled, fresh dwelling innovatively designed with a tall (interior) pine tree as its lively focal point. Read More

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Modest Fashionable Loft – Wroclaw, Poland By 3XA

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Wow and wow. This little studio apartment in Wroclaw, Poland is barely more than 300 square feet but possesses an openness that is enviable taking into consideration the restricted space. Redesigned by architecture studio 3XA of the very same city, this modest modern day dream house encourages us to rethink how considerably area we in fact require to thrive. Read More

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Altamira Residence In Palos Verdes, California By Marmol Radziner

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The Altamira Residence is a sprawling modern day dream property designed by Los-Angeles architecture firm Marmol Radziner for a loved ones whose dreams stemmed from spending time there years before. Situated on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, this 15,000 square foot compound is embedded into the hillside and rests upon a 20-acre property. Read More

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Vidal Sassoon’s West London House

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The late Vidal Sassoon left behind a legacy, one which involves his impeccable taste of chic, contemporary style. His 3-bedroom London property represents this notion nicely with a subdued palette of textures and designs which beg for further introspection. And we’re satisfied to give it. Read More

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Estate In Extremadura – Cáceres, Spain By Ábaton Architects

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Once an abandoned stable current amongst this land of rural cow pastures, the Estate in Extremadura in Cáceres, Spain is a modern dream house created by owner/architects, Ábaton. Nestled into its rolling hillside, this eco-efficient family dwelling is a splendor. Read More

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1950s Beverly Hills House Transformation By Pablo Jendretzki

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The 1950s Residence in Beverly Hills by architect Pablo Jendretzki has been redesigned to turn into an open-strategy modern dream home. Set into a hillside overlooking the city, this five,000 square foot property becomes one with its surroundings. The residence was initially created by the iconic architect, Hal Levitt. Read More

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Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island Compound By Gray Organschi Architecture

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Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island Compound is a modernist’s dream residence, replete with retro-chic furnishings, rugs, lighting and decor synonymous with this genius designer. The a single-story home was a collaborative vision of Jonathan and his husband, Simon Doonan, along with architects Gray Organischi, and has grow to be their fabulous beachside retreat. Read More

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