DIY Lunch Box Produced From Recycled Milk Jugs

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Ever wondered what to do with a milk jug after you&#8217ve finished consuming all the contents? If your very first solution is recycling you may possibly believe yet again! We have here a clever way to keep your cash from getting wasted on lunch boxes each other week (they are so easy to drop &#8211 so the kids tell us), plastic ending up in dumps and on the shelves of the supermarket once again, or – the worst case – the setting getting polluted with an additional piece of plastic tangled up in its forests or waters. We existing you a amazing DIY lunch box from a couple of plastic milk jugs! For this crafty tiny handmade undertaking you will require:

• a couple of plastic milk jugs
• a pair of scissors
• some string
• a hole puncher
• a couple of plastic beads
• a knife
• a felt pen


Start with cutting the bottom parts of the jugs. These will act like the two pieces of the lunch box. Then, punch a couple of holes in one side of each half. Tie them together with a piece of rope. Now, take the string by way of the hole you make in the opposite side of every piece of jug. Safe 1 end of the string with plastic beads so every time you spot a sandwich or other snack in it, you can tie it shut easy and fast. The DIY process is not complicated and you could even decorate each and every box with a neat drawing, or even allow your kid customize it.  lunch-box-milk-jugs-2


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