Apartment 1 – Washington, DC By Sorg Architects

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Some landmark buildings are intriguing solely based on wondrous style. Apartment 1 in Washington, D.C. is situated in the 1906-built Wendell Mansions, the renowned social hub in the course of the Kennedy Administration, generating it that considerably more alluring. The not too long ago completed renovation by Sorg Architects incorporates a modern day dream home into an original Beaux Arts-style apartment boasting exceptional historic character.

Catering to its artist owner, this urban dwelling functions a brand new painting studio, kitchen and bathrooms. Updated spaces consist of the living room, dining area, conservatory and library, while all mesh a modern day flair with the classically-adorned spaces. Clearly, it requires just the appropriate balance to harmonize centuries-apart design into an incredible transformation–and this location aces it!

The traditional layout featured many broken-up rooms, but the redesign makes it possible for for spacious living regions to interconnect with every other with a magnificent use of glazing such as in the marble-clad kitchen and spa bathroom.

A light color palette of walls and mix of light wood flooring feels airy, although striking lighting design and style in both modern day fixtures and classic chandeliers imparts vibrant light throughout this contemporary flat. Meanwhile furnishings are a fantastic juxtaposition, with hues of red and pink, purple and grey, and cobalt and lime bursting with verve across the mid-century furnishings. The ornate mouldings and trim as back-drop to the contemporary elements take this style excellence to yet another level entirely.

The oversized oil-on-canvas paintings by the artist are exquisite installations across the interiors. Most walls have been painted pure white to very best exhibit the abstract art, which creates a gallery-like really feel to these flowing spaces. In reality, these bold operates look as if they’ve been there forever, as they match so splendidly within the renovated residence.

Apartment One particular is an elegant and fresh contemporary dream property, where historic charm unifies with minimalist beauty, leaving the owner a single lucky individual and the rest of us downright smitten.(via)

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